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Fact: The World’s Best Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens are Handmade in France

Far away from Rome there is a region of France that is home to their own, ancient version of pizza. Over 300 miles from Paris and its fancy food, the residents of the Alsace region have been making wood-fired “pizzas,” which they call Tarte Flambe, for hundreds of years.

These deliciously rustic pizzas are topped with a white sour cream sauce, diced onion and ham. They are always baked in outdoor wood fired-pizza ovens.

In the same way that they produce some of the finest wines and cheese in the world, the French Alsaciens have made an incredible achievement that even the Italians haven’t. They build portable steel outdoor pizza ovens that bake perfect wood-fired pizzas, right in your own backyard, in just 37 minutes.

These “ultimate” wood-fired ovens are extremely rare in France and even more so in the USA. They are perfect for people who appreciate great food and are only satisfied with the very best.

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